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At Woodland we believe that God has not been silent and has given us guidelines in scripture for properly and honorably worshiping him together. We hold to the “regulative principle” along with all churches anchored in the historic reformed tradition. This simply means worship is regulated by God through scripture and only what scripture explicitly prescribes should be included. At Woodland we recognize the great latitude in worship the Lord gives his church in the New Testament compared with the Old Testament.

A good beginning-point for understanding this is that we believe worship is much more than music. Music is one important component in the broader picture of divine worship. Worship, too, includes the reading and preaching of the Bible, prayers, giving and receiving tithes and offerings, the sacraments (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper) and various ordinances (weddings, funerals, the taking of membership and ordination vows).

In addition to the various components of worship prescribed by the Bible, we see several overarching scriptural principles in all that we do.

1. At Woodland, we believe God is to be worshiped as the Triune God, but it is to be through the Second Person, Jesus Christ, who is the mediator of our relationship with God. Jesus Christ in all the fullness of his being and work must be the decisive center of all liturgical theology. Since every part of worship grows out of His great self-offering, his sacrifice must be prominent in all services of worship.

2. We also believe that God must be worshiped in the Spirit (John 4:24). It is the Holy Spirit who sanctifies and transforms various human acts into true worship of God. The Holy Spirit is not at our disposal to be manipulated by us; rather, He acts sovereignly to make the Lord’s presence actual in the experience of faithful worshipers.

3. We also believe that God must be worshiped in truth (John 4:24), therefore we must strive to maintain the biblical and theological integrity of worship. If we are approaching theology properly, we will be awakened, motivated and compelled to worship and adore the one we are getting to know.

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The Early Learning Center (ELC) has operated for over 40 years and is well respected throughout the Greater New Orleans area.
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